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Bruce Conklin opened October Country in  1979. It was a small store in New Paltz NY that sold
new books, back issues and baseball cards. Although small, it was quite successful until
destroyed by a fire in 1990. However, Bruce got right back up and reopened a much bigger and
better version of October Country in New Paltz just weeks later, expanding his product line into
gaming, posters, and trade paperbacks. With that success, and the increasing popularity of comic
books, Bruce opened a second store, called Strange Land in  1986  in Kingston NY. That store
served Kingston for 6  years, but the "comic book depression" and Kingston's loss of IBM
prompted Bruce to close Strange Land in  1992. Eventually, with all of the extra stock from the
second store, Bruce moved the still successful October Country to an even larger location in     

Mike Giacoia opened Valley Comics in January of 1987 in Pleasant Valley NY. He had a part
Ownership for 3 years of a small shop called Titan's Tower in NJ before returing to NY in 1985.
After just one year, Mike moved Valley Comics to a larger location in the city of Poughkeepsie,
where the store enjoyed alot of success.The store concentrated on new comics and baseball
cards, as well as a large stock of back issues.  Mike downsized and moved in 1993 when the
'comics depression" hit.

In March, 1997 the new version of October Country was born. Mike closed Valley Comics and
brought all of his stock and his customers to New Paltz when he and Bruce merged their business
in the location Bruce had moved into just months earlier.

In December 2013 Bruce decided to retire and close The October Country.  Mike reopened two
days later, in January 2014 as October Country Comics LLC.   

October Country Comics sells new comics, including many small independant titles, hardcovers
and trade paperbacks, posters, t-shirts, D & D role playing games, card games like Hero Clix,
Pokemon, Yugi Oh, and Magic the Gathering, DC direct and Marvel Select action figures, new
baseball cards, and one of the largest back issue selections around.  The staff strives to make the
store the best in customer service, and despite all of the various products they offer, Mike's
primary focus is to serve the comic book customer.
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St John's MBA


World's Finest

Hulk #108

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Lord of the Rings

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October County Comics, LLC
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