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                                       PREVIEWS HIGHLIGHTS-SEP 2014-shipping Nov 2014
                                                    -orders due 9-17-14-

MARVEL:    AXIS tie ins: Wolverine & Xmen 12, Nova 23, 24, Avengers World 15, Deadpool 37,
                            X Factor 16, Magneto 12, Cap & MIghty Avengers 1,2, Superior Ironman 1,2,
                            Loki 8
        CAPT.AMERICA & the MIGHTY AVENGERS-ongoing-Ewing/L Ross-replaces Mighty Avengers
        SUPERIOR IRONMAN-ongoing-Taylor/Cinar-replaces Ironman
        ALL NEW CAPT AMERICA- ongoing -Sam Wilson is Cap!-Remender/Immonen-replaces Cap
        SPIDER WOMAN-ongoing-Jess Drew-Hopeless/Land
        SPIDER VERSE-2 issues-anthology
        Spider Verse tie ins: Amazing 9, 10, Spiderwoman 1, Spiderman 2099 6
                                      Spider Verse Teamup (3 issues) , Scarlet Spiders (3 issues)
        DEATH OF WOLVERINE:WEAPON X PROGRAM-5 issues-Soule/Larroaca

DC:            GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT-ongoing starring Jim Corrigan-Fawkes/Templesmith
          WONDER WOMAN 36- new creative team: M Finch/D Finch
          SUPERMAN /WONDER WOMAN-new creative team: Tomasi/Mahnke
          "GODHEAD" Act Two: GL 36, GLC 36, GLNG 36, Red Lanterns 36, Sinestro 7
          BATMAN '66-LOST EPISODE-one shot-Ellison & Wein/JLG Lopez
          THE KITCHEN (Vertigo)-8 issues
          SHADOW SHOW-5 issues-J.Hill/Wilson III
IMAGE:        ODYC- Fraction/Ward - sci fi
            TOOTH & CLAW-ongoing-Busiek/Dewey- fantasy
            SINERGY-M.A.Oeming- monsters
            DRIFTER-Brandon/Klein- sci fi
            THE HUMANS-Keller/Neely- biker apes
             INTERSECT-R Fawkes- sci fi
            PROPHET:EARTH WAR- 6 issues sequel
              GHOST FLEET-ongoing-Cates/DW Johnson
              SKYMAN-one shot-Cushing/Garcia
              GRINDHOUSE:DRIVE IN,BLEED OUT-8 issues-DeCampi/Guera
ALSO.....        Dark Gods (Avatar), Deep State (Boom), Django/Zorro (DE), John Carter (DE-R.Marz),
              Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Boom-6 issues), Mouseguard HC (Boom),
              Lone ranger:Vindicated (DE), Shadow Special (DE), Epochalypse (Legendary),
              Terrible Lizard (Oni), Capt Stone (Titan), Mono (Titan),Penguins of Madagascar (Titans),
              Punk Mombo (Valiant-one shot)
                               PREVIEWS HIGHLIGHTS:OCTOBER 2014-shipping Dec 2014
                                                         -orders due 10-15-14-

MARVEL:        AXIS tie ins: Loki 9, Nova 25, Avengers World 16, X Factor 17, 18, Deadpool 38, 39,
                         Amazing XMen 14, Inhuman 9, 10, Cap & Mighty Avengers 3, Superior Ironman 3.
               SHIELD -ongoing-Waid/Pacheco-Colson & the gang in the Marvel Univ. In continuity.
               SPIDERMAN & THE XMEN-ongoing-Kalan/Failla-replaces Wolverine & the Xmen
               SPIDERVERSE tie ins: Spiderwoman 2, Spiderman 2099 7
               MARVEL'S AVENGERS-2 issue movie adaptation
               AVENGERS NOW-one shot handbook
               MIRACLEMAN ANNUAL-one shot-all NEW stories-Morrison/Quesada &Milligan/Alred
               THANOS VS HULK-4 issues by Jim Starlin
               UNCANNY XMEN ANNUAL & ALL NEW XMEN ANNUAL form 1 story by Bendis/Sorrentino

DC:                SECRET SIX-ongoing-Simone/Lashley
               ROBIN RISING ALPHA-one shot-the finale! Tomasi/Kubert
               HARLEY QUINN HOLIDAY SPECIAL-one shot
               GODHEAD-act 3: GL 37, GLC 37, GLNG 37, Red Lanterns 37, Sinestro 8, Infinity Man 6
                                       GL annual 3
               SUPERMAN EARTH ONE VOL 3 HC-JMS/ Syaf
               WOLF MOON(Vertigo)-Bunn/Haun

IDW:               STAR TREK/PLANET OF THE APES-5 issues-Tipton/Stott
               GARBAGE PAIL KIDS
               STAR TREK MADE OUT OF MUDD-one shot Byrne photo novel
IMAGE:           BITCH PLANET-DeConnick/DeLandro
                GRAVEYARD SHIFT-Faeber/Bueno
                THEY'RE NOT LIKE US-Stephenson/Gane
                MAGDELANA 7th SACRAMENT- one shot-Howard/Oracion
DARKHORSE: HELLBOY & THE BPRD-5 issues-Mignol&Arcudi/Maleev
ALSO:            Abigail & the Snowman (Boom), Escape From NY (Boom), Army of Darkness (DE),
               Shaft (DE), The Valiant (Valiant), Eternal (Boom), Battlestar Galactica:Death of Apollo (DE),
                                       PREVIEWS HIGHLIGHTS:NOV 2014-shipping Jan '15
                                                      -orders due 11-15-14-

MARVEL:    UNCANNY AVENGERS-relaunch-new members-same creative team
             STAR WARS-ongoing-Aaron/Cassidy-takes place between New Hope & Empire
             ANT-MAN-ongoing-Scott Lang-Spencer/Rosanas
             SQUIRREL GIRL-North/henderson
             WOLVERINES-ongoing-WEEKLY-Sabretooth, Mystique,X23, Daken+, Soule/Bradshaw
             AVENGERS:NO MORE BULLYING-$1.99-one shot public service book
             Spiderverse tie ins: Spiderman 2099 8, Spiderwoman 3
             OPERATION S.I.N.- 5 issue mini starring Peggy Carter & Howard Stark-K.Immonen/R.Ellis
DC:              MORTAL COMBAT X-mini-based on the game.
              EFFIGY (Vertigo)-Seeley/Zarcone
              FABLES:WOLF AMONG US-(Vertigo)-maxi series prequel to the Fables series-M Sturges
IDW:            ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS-ongoing-Ryall & Niles/Mayerik & Wood
             MILLENIUM-5 issue mini based on TV show-J.Harris/Lorimer
             GALAXY QUEST:JOURNEY CONTINUES-picks up at end of movie-4 issue mini
             G I JOE:SNAKE EYES:Agent of Cobra-5 issues-Costa/Villanelli
             TRANSFORMERS:PUNISHMENT-one shot-Barber/Ramondelli
IMAGE:        SPAWN 250-the original Spawn returns
              CASANOVA:ACEDIA-SEQUEL SERIES-Fraction & Chabon/Moon & Ba
              DYING & THE DEAD- Hickman/Bodenheim
              IXTH GENERATION-sequel to Aphrodite IX-Hawkins/Sejic
DARKHORSE:CONAN/RED SONJA-4 issues-Simone/Panosian
              LADY KILLER-5 issues-J Jones/J Rich
ALSO......      Ivar:Timewalker (Valiant), Burning Fields (Boom), Disney's Frozen (Joe Books), Munchkin
              (Boom), Class Action (Ardden-Neal Adams), Feathers (Archaia),
              King:Flash Gordon (DE-4 issues), King:Mandrake (DE-4 issues), King:Prince
              Valiant (DE-4 issues), King:Phantom (DE-4 issues), King:Jungle Jim
              (DE-4 issues), Twilight Zone:Shadow & Substance (DE), Red Sonja:Vulture's
              Circle (DE)   
                                              PREVIEWS HIGHLIGHTS-DEC 2014-shipping Feb 2015
                                                       -orders due 12-19-14 promptly-

MARVEL:        STAR WARS:DARTH VADER-ongoing-Gillen/LaRocca
                  GUARDIANS OF TYHE GALAXY ANIMATED-all ages title-based on TV show
                  BLACK VORTEX- Alpha 1, Guardians 24, Starlord 9, All New Xmen 38 this month
                  SPIDER-GWEN-ongoing-LaTour/R Rodrieguez-from Spider verse
                  SILK-ongoing-R Thompson/S Lee-from Spider verse
                  ALL NEW CAPT.AMERICA:FEAR HIM-4 issue weekly mini-Hopeless/Kudranski
                  MARVEL'S ANT-MAN PRELUDE-2 issue movie universe tie-in
                  RETURN OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL-4 issue sequel-Bunn/Virella
                  AVENGERS:RAGE OF ULTRON HC GN-all new-Remender/Opena-$24.99
                  ONCE UPON A TIME HC GN-all new-based on TV show-$24.99
                  SPIDERVERSE issues: Amazing 14, 15, Spiderwoman 4
                  GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY TEAMUP-ongoing-Bendis/Art Adams

DC:                  HARLEY QUINN VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL-one shot-Conner/Palmiotti/Timms
                  SUICIDERS (Vertigo)-Lee Bermejo
IDW:                ORPHAN BLACK-mini series based on TV show
                   JOE FRANKENSTIEN-4 issues-Dixon/Nolan
                   D4VE-5 issues-Ferrier/Ramon
                   HEINLEIN'S CITIZEN OF THE GALAXY-3 issues
IMAGE:             NAMELESS-Morrison/Burnham
                   SECRET IDENTITIES-Faeber/Kyriazis
                   THE SURFACE-Kot/Foss&Bellaire
DARKHORSE:   RAT GOD-5 issues-Corben
                   EI8HT-Alburquerque/M Johnson
                   MISTER X:RAZED-4 issues-Motter/Templeton
ALSO.........       Black Hood (Archie/Dark Circle), Cluster (Boom), Lady Death"Apocalypse (Boundless),
                   Legenderry Green Hornet (DE), Legenderry Red Sonja (DE), Legenderry Vampi (DE),
                   Imperium (Valiant), Curb Stomp (Boom), Plunder (Archaia), Dresdin Files Down Town (DE),
                   Divinity (Valiant)