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                                PREVIEWS HIGHLIGHTS-DEC 2015-shipping Feb 2016
                                                       -orders due 12-16-15-

       SPIDERMAN-Bendis/Pichelli-Miles-the Ultimate Spidey in his own Marvel U book
                 AVENGERS:STANDOFF-one shot leading into mini crossover-Spencer/Bagley
                 POWERMAN/IRONFIST-D Walker/S Greene
                 DEADPOOL & THE MERCS FOR MONEY-5 issue mini-Bunn/Espin
                 WORST X-MAN EVER-5 issue mini-Bemis/Walsh
                 THANOS:INFINITY FINALE-3rd & final Jim Starlin original-art by Lim-$24.99 HC

DC:                DARK KNIGHT:LAST CRUSADE-prequel to Miller's original Dark Knight- story by Miller &
                           Azzerello. Art by Romita & Sienkiewicz-one shot
                 SUPERMAN:COMING OF THE SUPERMEN-6 issues-written & drawn by Neal Adams
                 WONDER WOMAN:EARTH ONE HC-$22.99-Morrison/Paquette
                 JUSTICE LEAGUE DARKSIDE WAR SPECIAL-one shot-Johns/Jimenez
                 AQUAMAN #49-new writer Dan Abnett
                 DARK & BLOODY (Vertigo)-6 issues-Aldridge/Godlewski
IDW:                STREETFIGHTER X VS G I JOE-6 issues
                  WYNONNA EARP-B Smith/L Innes
IMAGE:            MIRROR-Rios/H Lim
                   SNOWFALL-J Harris/Morazzo
DARKHORSE:  TOMBRAIDER-all new-Tamaki/Sevy
                   KINGS ROAD-3 issues-Hogan/Winslade

ALSO.......        Jonesy (Boom), Dejah Thoris (DE), Disney Princess (Joes), Dues EX:Children's Crusade
                       (Titan), Second Sight (Aftershock), Bill & Ted Go To Hell (Boom), Twilight Zone 1959
                       (DE), Badger (Devils Due)
                                             PREVIEWS HIGHLIGHTS JAN 2016-shipping March 2016
                                                                                 -orders due 1-15-16-

MARVEL:    INTERNATIONAL IRONMAN-2nd ongoing title-Bendis/Maleev
              INFINITY ENTITY-4 issue Adam Warlock mini by Starlin & Davis
              X MEN '92-ongoing-Sims & Bowers/Firmansyah-continues the Secret wars series
              BLACK WIDOW-ongoing by the former DD team of Waid & Samnee
              HAUNTED MANSION-5 issues based on the Disney experience
              AVENGERS STANDOFF continues: Shield 3, All New Avengers 7, Cap 7, New Avengers 8,
                                                        Uncanny Avengers 7
              AMAZING SPIDERMAN & SILK-mini-Thompson/Nauck
              SQUIRREL GIRL 6 and HOWARD THE DUCK 6 cross over for a 2 part story
              APOCALYPSE WARS-Extraordinary Xmen 8 starts off the event......
              MIRACLE MAN:SILVER AGE-reprints Gaiman's alst few published issues leading into the
                                                            previously unpublished finale.
DC:            LEGENDS OF TOMORROW-anthology-Firestorm by Conway, Metal Men by Wein,
                                                            Metamorpho by Lopresti and Sugar & Spike by Giffen
              Superman is back in Superman 50 & Action 50. Bruce is back in Batman 50
              WONDER WOMAN '77 special 3-$7.99 one shot
              SUICIDERS KINGS OF HELLA-(Vertigo)-6 issue sequel by Bermejo
IDW:            GODZILLA:WORLD'S END-5 issues
                MARS ATTACKS:OCCUPTION-5 issues
IMAGE:        CIRCUIT BREAKER-5 issues-Mccarthy/Baker
                13th ARTIFACT-one shot
                 SHADOW GLASS-6 issues
ALSO.......    Power Rangers (Boom), Turncoat (Boom), Independence Day (Titan), Archer & Armstrong
                (Valiant), Lords of the Jungle (DE), Lost in Space (American Gothic), Samurai (Titan),
                Vampirella (DE), AOD:Furious Road (DE), Another Castle (Oni)
                                         PREVIEWS HIGHLIGHTS FEB 2016-shipping April 2016
                                                                             -orders due 2-16-16-
MARVEL:        CAPT. AMERICA:ROAD TO WAR-one shot-$4.99-Cap Civil War movie lead-in
                    BLACK PANTHER-ongoing-Coates/Stelfreeze
                    STAR WARS:POE DAMERON-ongoing-Soule/Noto
                    SPIDER-WOMEN crossover:Alpha, Spider Gwen 7-8, Silk 7-8, Spider Woman 6-7, Omega
                    AVENGERS Standoff continues: Cap 8, New Avengers 9-10, Uncanny Avengers 8, All New
                                                 Avengers 8, Illuminati 6, Shield 4, Omega
                    DR STRANGE:Last Days of Magic-one shot companion to current story-3 stories
                    YEAR OF MARVELS:AMAZING-one shot-Spidey story & Ant Man story
                    APOCALYPSE WARS: Uncanny 6, Extraordinary 9
                    MIRACLEMAN Silver Age #3-the unpublished issue finally sees print-Gaiman/Buckingham
                    EMPRESS-7 (Icon)-Millar/Immonen
DC:                 BLOODLINES-6 issues-Krul/Marion
                    HARLEY QUINN & HER GANG-6 issues-Tieri/Mauricet
                    HARLEY QUINN'S APRIL FOOLS SPECIAL-one shot-Williams/J Lee
                    SUPER LEAGUE: Superman 51, Bat/Sup 31, Action 51, Sup/WW 28
                    DARK KNIGHT A TRUE STORY HC-Dini/Risso- Vertigo-$22.99-truth & fantasy combined
IDW:                MICRONAUTS-Bunn/Balderon
                    DUNGEONS & DRAGONS- Zub/Daniel
                    X FILES-ongoing-set after current TV mini-Harris/Smith
                    STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE-ongoing
                    STAR TREK:MANIFEST DESTINY-5 issues-Johnson/Hernandez-set during new movies
IMAGE:            BLACK ROAD-B Wood/G Brown-Viking story
                     THE FIX-Spencer/Lieber-Mob story
                     CRIMINAL 10TH ANNIV SPECIAL-one shot-Brubaker/Phillips
                     DARKNESS:HOPE-Harmon/Dwyer-Jakie's daughter-set in future-one shot
                     THINK TANK-now ongoing-Hawkins/Ekedal
                     DEPT H-ongoing-M.Kindt
                     HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES HC-$17.99-Gaiman/Moon
                     HOUSE OF PENANCE-6 issues-Tomasi/Bertram
                     ALSO......         Rough Riders (Aftershock), Stargate Atlantis:Back to Pegasus (Amer.Mythology), Joyride
                     (Boom), Gold Key Alliance (DE), Xena (DE), Darkwing Duck (Joes), Mighty Zodiac (Oni),
                     Vikings (Titan), Jackpot (Aftershock), Black Eyed Kids (Aftershock), Three Stooges
                     (Amer.Mythology), Twilight Zone/Shadow (DE), Miss Fury (DE), Heartthrob (Oni),
                     Dredd:Dust (Titan), Puss in Boots (Titan), Divinity II (Valiant)
                                     PREVIEWS HIGHLIGHTS-MARCH 2016-shipping May 2016
                                                          -orders due 3-15-16-

                     THUNDERBOLTS-ongoing-Zub/Malin-original T'bolts lead by Winter Soldier
                     CIVIL WAR II- 7 issue mini-Bendis/Coipel
                     DD/PUNISHER-4 issues-Soule/Kudranski
                     DEADPOOL:LAST DAYS OF MAGIC-one shot with Dr Strange-Duggan/Koblish
DC:                SCOOBY DOO APOCALYPSE-ongoing-Giffen/Porter
                    FUTURE QUEST-ongoing-Parker/Shaner-Jonny Quest/Space Ghost/Herculoids/Gigantor
                    "SUPER LEAGUE" continues-Sup/Bat 32, Action 52, Sup/WW 29, Superman 52

IDW:               ARCHANGEL-Gibson/Guice
                    BIGGEST BANG-4 issues- Kirkbride/Gogtzilas
                    SATELLITE FALLENING-Horton/Thompson
                    FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS- T Little
                    RENATO JONES:THE ONE %-K Andrews
                    ALPHA KINGS-5 issues-Floyd/Azzerello/Bisley

ALSO......        Pink Panther (Amer.Mythology), Weavers (Boom), King's Quest (DE), Smosh (DE), Shrek
                      (Joe Books), Penny Dreadful (Titan), 4001 AD (Valiant), Genesis (Aftershock), Eagle
                      (Amer.Mythology), Power Rangers: Pink (Boom)
                                                      PREVIEWS HIGHLIGHTS APRIL 2016-shipping June 2016
                                                                           -orders due 4-18-16-

                       CIVIL WAR II : CHOOSING SIDES-6 issues-anthology
                       CIVIL WAR II : X-MEN- 4 issues-Bunn/Broccardo
                       CIVIL WAR II : AMAZING SPIDERMAN-4 issues-Gage/Foreman
                      CIVIL WAR II : GODS OF WAR- 4 issues- Abnett/Laiso
                       CIVIL WAR II TIE INS:
                       Deadpool 14, Awesome Hulk 7, Uncanny Inhumans 11, Capt.Marvel 6, Ms Marvel 8,
                       Cap Sam Wilson 10, Ultimates 8, New Avengers 12, Nova 8                                              
                       VOTE LOKI- Hastings/Foss
                       YEAR OF MARVELS:THE INCREDIBLE-one shot
                       APOCALYPSE WARS: Uncanny Xmen 8, 9, All New Xmen 10, Extraordinary Xmen 11
                       DEADPOOL VS GAMBIT-5 issues-Acker/Beyruth
DC:                    DC REBIRTH- we will send a separate e-mail when the Rebirth Previews arrives next week.

IDW:                TRANSFORMERS:TILL ALL ARE ONE-Scott/Durocher
                        ACTION MAN-Barber/Villanelli
                       TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE-Joe Hill
IMAGE:           JUPITER'S LEGACY II-5 issues-Millar/Quitely
                       MIDNIGHT OF THE SOUL-5 issues-Chaykin
                       SHE WOLF-Tommaso
                       PAPER GIRLS-now an ongoing series
                          WEIRD DETECTIVE-5 issues-VanLente/Vilanova
ALSO........    Revisionist (Aftershock), Land Time Forgot (Amer.Mythology), Hillbilly (E.Powell-Albatross),
                     Lucas stand (Boom), Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy (Boom), Shadow:Death of Margo Lane
                     (Wagner-DE), Merry Men (Oni), Sherlock:Study in Pink (Titan), Control (Diggle-DE)